Let Your Light Shine

With Hurricane Harvey here, I have had lots of time to do my Bible art journaling.  This is one I did recently.  Matthew 5:16 reminds us to let our light shine for others so God may be glorified.  How hard this is sometimes, to always be positive and be a light.  Many times, as Christians, we are expected to act a certain way, but we are also human just like everyone else.  I am reminded in this verse, how important it is to maintain a positive attitude and smile, because what we do or say and how we act as a Christian can other lead others or steer others away from Christ.

This particular page was sketched out with a regular pencil, then I used Prisma colored pencils to color and shade.  The outline was done with an Ek Pen, that I bought on clearance from Hobby Lobby.  It doesn’t bleed.  No prepping was needed to do this page.

Tips on coloring and shading with colored pencils:

Start with the lightest color first.

Then use a darker shade to shadow.

I even used a light brown, very lightly,next around the fire flies.

I then go back to the main color, which was yellow around the fire flies and blend the darker color and brown in.

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Here is a template I sketched for you to use.  This file is free for you to use.  Please do not sale.  Thank you.  Just click on the link below.

Let Your Light Shine