Nothing is Impossible with God

Do you ever feel that you are trapped and there is no way out?  Like you just can’t do what you need to or expected to do?  As women, we have so many roles that we are expected to fulfill which can be overwhelming at times.  I think the hardest thing for us to say is the word “NO”   Of course there are those things that we have to take care of, and “No” is not an option.  Sometimes, we forget, that although we, ourselves, cannot do certain things,  but Our GOD can do ALL.  Luke 1:37 reminds me of this.  For with God, Nothing is impossible.  Now, I don’t know about you, but sometimes, it is hard for us to understand the literal meaning of God’s Word.  Notice, it says NOTHING, not some things, but NOTHING is impossible with God.  This is where our faith comes in.  How strong is your faith?  Do we really believe God can do all?  Or do we put God in a box and think He can do only so much?  I personally struggle with this at times.  Faith is believing in things we cannot see.   We must learn to pray and turn over our worries to the Lord, and fully rely on Him.  Trust in the Lord, and he will carry you.  May your relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ increase and may you receive blessings from Him, our creator.