Just Me

Hi, I’m Rhonda…a wife, a mom, a nurse and most of all a Christian.  I recently started Bible journaling and I absolutely love it. And NO, I am not an artist by  no means.  I watch and read many tutorials on how to draw, techniques etc.  Anyway, more on that later, I definitely will be sharing a lot on this subject.  So, a little more about me personally,  I am married to the man of my dreams, together we have five children, and at the latest count, 14 grandchildren. (I’m sure that number will increase though : ) We currently reside in a small town just north of Houston, Texas.

My husband and I enjoy camping, eating out, and just spending time with each other.  On a side note, we spend way to much money eating out, so we are trying to cut down on that.  Both he and I grew up in a small Texas town and tend to have those same small town values that were instilled in us as a child.

I currently work full time as a registered nurse and do my crafting business on the side.  I am always looking for something else to make and create.  Thus I founded the art of Bible journaling, which fit right in and on the plus side, I spend time meditating on God’s word as I do the art for the verses.

Ok a little more about me,  our children are grown and have all moved out.  So it’s just us and our two dogs, who are both spoiled rotten.  Blogging is new for me, maybe you can already tell…but this blog I hope will be unique.  I will share not only my Bible art journaling and tips, but other advice, tips, recipes, etc.  So I hope you will stick around.