My Personal War Binder

Recently I decided to create my own personal war binder in efforts to improve my prayer life.  I wanted a place to write out my prayers and to be more diligent in my prayer efforts, as I continue to grow in my faith and walk with Jesus.

In order to make one’s own War Binder, Faith Journal or Prayer Binder, you must consider which sections will work for you personally.  Remember, this is for you to grow in your own faith and walk, and what works for others, may or may not work for you.  So, after reading countless articles, watching many tutorials, etc,  I finally came up with my own War Binder and I absolutley LOVE IT!!

I am super excited to share mine with you.  Maybe it will give you ideas on doing your own War Binder.  Let’s face it, we all could probably use a little more prayers in our life.

First of all I had to decide on the main sections I wanted for my binder.

These are what I decided on:

  1.  Praise -in this section, I write out my praises and thanks to the Lord for blessings I have received.

2.  Scripture-In this section, is where I take the time to write out a scriptures each day

3.  Prayers- This is the only main section in my binder in which I have subcategories.  In this section, I write out prayers for each of the subcategories I have.

Currently in my Prayers section, I have the following subcategories:











4.  Bible Study-in this section, I write out special verses or things that stand out to me during devotions, bible studies, etc.

5.  Memory Verses- in this section, I write out verses I am working on memorizing

6.  Notes-


I then made my own dividers out of plain white cardstock, and then found a scripture I felt went with each main category and hand drew artwork on each of my dividers, as I wanted it to be more personal.  I absolutely love how it came out.


Do I know if I will add or make changes?  Possibly…But the good thing about this, is you are not stuck with anything you make. Try it out for a couple weeks, if it doesn’t work for you, then make the necessary changes.  What is important is that you utilize whatever you decide to use to grow your faith and walk with our Creator.

Do you have a War Binder or Faith journal you created?  I would love to hear about it!